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Turn your subscribers into passive income

earn extra money from your YouTube channel

Let's become partners

Diversify your income by partnering with us. With a fast-growing number of content creators worldwide, the demand for our music licensing service is increasing every day. By partnering our music platform and your influence, we can be the next generation that influences the world.

How does it work?

We will create a special subscription plan with the name of your channel, then you will promote this subscription on your videos, and every time somebody buys a subscription you will earn 40% of the sale. This subscription is charged monthly so that means that every month you will be earning money from your subscribers.


Why would I do It?

Palm Trees

Passive Income

Get paid every month for the subscriptions sold by your channel membership. 


Vlog Editor at Work

Free Membership

Yes! we will give you a free membership so you can use any of our songs on your videos.


Handheld Camera

Invest and diversify

Earn money not only from your YouTube channel and sponsors but also from a subscription service with thousands of users around the world.



Potential for growth 

 YouTube has been taking over the entertainment world, that is why today is the perfect time to partner with a company like Xigla Records.

One Last Thing...

We have the best music!

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Costal Code.png
Don't wanna talk about it.png
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De Nuevo.png
Disco Dance.png
Botanical Funk.png
Don't Lose Hope.png
Bring Me To Life.png
Don't Worry.png
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Apply to partner with Xigla Records

Space is limited 


Soundtrack your world

  • What does my license include?
    Xigla Records PERSONAL license allows you to use our sound recordings on your video production worldwide. Our personal license is designed for content creators who work with platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch and Tik Tok. This license also allows you to use our music on podcasts and independent films. Xigla Records COMMERCIAL license gives you all the advantages from the personal license and also allows you to use our sound recording in your client's projects. This license is designed for freelancers, agencies and companies creating content for a third party.
  • Does my license end if my subscription expires?
    Once you have an active subscription, any downloaded sound recording can be used within your content in perpetuity as long as the video was posted with the active subscription. When your subscription ends, you won't be able to post new videos with our music, but all previous videos posted with our music with an active subscription will remain yours forever.
  • How often does Xigla Records update the music catalog?
    We update the catalog everyday! We are always publishing music in different styles, genres; "moods" are added to our catalog frequently so your video projects can have fresh music that matches your vibe.
  • Is Xigla Records's catalog royalty free?
    Yes! The sound tracks on Xigla Records are royalty-free, meaning you can use them without getting any copyright strikes, mutes or bans. We use YouTube's content ID system to track our music, so if you are using any of our sound recordings on your channel, you might receive an email from YouTube saying there has been a copyright claim against it from 'audiam' or 'Interstreet'. This is nothing to worry about, it is simply YouTube's content ID system doing it's thing and recognizing our music on your channel. This is not a copyright strike, mute or ban and this will NOT affect your channel in anyway. We will never strike, mute or ban your channel, once you download our soundtracks; with your license, you can use the the soundtracks forever.
  • What does perpetual license mean?
    Perpetual license refers to time. Once you download one of our sound recordings with a valid account you can use that song forever in that particular video created within your subscription period. So, even if you cancel your membership, a video which already used one of our soundtracks under a previously active memberhip can continue to do so forever.
  • What is Xigla Records?
    Xigla Records is a music licensing company based in California that provides royalty-free music to content creators, filmmakers and companies all around the world.
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